The Park

On the opposite side of the stunning court of honour, mainly ornamented with roses, stands an enclosed park, planted with refined plants such as a Ginkgo Biloba and a sequoia both bicentenary.

The first one comes from China and benefits from a potential immortality. Able to reach up to 30 meters of height, this tree with adorned by leafs without vein is at its maximum height in our garden. Concerning the second one, it is considered the tallest tree in the world, able to reach up to 115 meters. Tree native to California, it is venerated by American indians. They are both accompanied, by yews, lime and tortuous acacias. This flora encourages plentiful birds and insects, their appearance is really enchanting and adds to the ambience of the garden. You just have to hope that the little squirrels or pheasants decide to come out for your pleasure.

And beyond our walls, explore the green country and stride along by walk or bicycle the country lanes around.