The Manor

Bellacordelle Manor, built of bricks and white stones in 1665 under Louis XIV is a real haven of peace, at the heart of the country, in the Hauts-de-France region.

Have an exceptional stay in a mansion that accommodated within its mysterious arched cellars the army staff of the 175th French territorial brigade during the First World War. Subsequently it was then transformed into a maternity unit for single mothers from 1935, by the social security fund of Douai. Finally, instead of our two guesthouses, imagine from 1952 the summer camp’s dormitories of children whose parents worked in the mine and all these children having happy and joyful moments during their holidays…

The manor is an enigmatic place, whose walls, cellars and gardens have not yet revealed all its secrets, one thing is sure, it has always been a land of welcome where we feel oddly at peace. Our visitors leave at the end of their stay with a feeling of tranquillity having been given a warm and friendly welcome